The John Bowlby Memorial Conference over the weekend has left me with many rich pickings. This is one. A video of a talk given by Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist. Wanting to understand the brain of her schizophrenic brother motivated her to research the differences between people’s brains. She woke up one morning, having had a stroke, and found that half her brain didn’t work. Using a real brain, with a dribble of a spinal cord like hanging down like a lamb’s tail before it drops off, to show us the division, she discusses the left and right brain approaches to the world. Most of us prefer to live in one or other hemisphere. Some of us find one or other hemisphere far to scary to visit. Some of us straddle the hemispheres quite well, some of the time. Some of us are rediscovering one hemisphere that has been full of cobwebs and needs springcleaning.

Watch it on TED here.