Elder Daughter has to do a dressage display on Sunday evening – to music.  We spent several hours listening to Christmas tunes, trying to find music that would fit well with the walk, trot and canter.  We found the Little Drummer Boy, in hundreds of versions, but liked this wonderful one best:


It’s from Raspberry Silk and is guaranteed to get you in the festive mood.  Even with the intervention of the owner of the wonderful voice, Kim Novak herself, we couldn’t find a copy that we could download and burn onto a CD, so we had to settle for Boney M instead after a tortuous introduction to iTunes and QuickTime that left Elder Daughter and I at each other’s throats far too late into the night.  Boney M works well though.  Elder Daughter is going to wear her red jacket with gold braid that she normally wears for troop displays, and she’s going to guide her horse with reins fixed to her stirrups so that she can enter playing the drum in time to the music, sticking the drumsticks down each boots as she increases her speed with the music.  She’s trained her horse since he was little more than a baby, and I love him and his wobbly bottom lip to bits.  He smells like heaven, especially just above his nostrils.  He came from a dealer, with protruding ribs and in poor condition.  He windsucks, so he’s worth nothing except to a knacker.  He’s a bully in the field, to other horses, but he hardly ever puts a foot wrong for Elder Daughter and would jump over the moon for her.