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A very Good Morning to the United States of America!

Many of us stayed up late and got up early to watch Barack Obama win the election for President. I felt proud of you all as I listened to his speech and to Senator McCain’s gracious acceptance of defeat.

I had an early text from a friend saying she wished she was American today. We, too, believe that you can, because if you can, then we can, and so it goes on.

If the son of a goatherd from Africa (headline in The Sun today) can make it to the White House, then a few private schools should not be able to keep a good man or woman down here and if white voters can elect a Black leader then racism has lost is power …  I watched a family like mine – a man the same age as my husband, wife, two daughters – acknowledge the choice of the majority and, for the first time in a long time, I felt inspired.  God bless America.

Excerpts from the speech, and a short video, HERE.

And, girls, this is the puppy to choose!