D’y’know that feeling when you come out of the cinema and you’ve just been so carried away by it all and then your real life comes up and smacks you in the face?  And you don’t want anyone to even breathe or break the spell and you want to carry on being the person you’ve been inside all through the film?

Dude, we have just been to see the COOLEST film ever.  I mean, man, Juno is just, like, SO cool.  You just have to go see this film, if only to have your real life hit you right between the eyes afterwards.  She is just a modern day heroine.  Orange Tic Tacs rule. And, boy, that hamburger phone is to die for.  Seriously, I mean, what greater love could there be than to give up your own child to another woman?  And did you know that foetuses have fingernails?  Hey, who says being a Fertile Myrtle means giving up your dreams, or losing your love.  You can have it all, right, as long as your folks are as cool as Juno’s parents and your sound track sounds like hers does.

Which I hope I would be, and it would.  Great film.  Girls loved it.  So did I.  Trailer here.  Enough said.