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Here’s a link to a web-site that I really like and thought others might like to link to.  I am not sure why it has such an aggressive name, but it is really a very gentle site … quite suitable for children.

It is full of ideas of things to make, and this month is focussing on things to make with children. 

I’ve printed off a few ideas for later, for rainy days.  Lola Button likes making things.  Elder Daughter does not.  They have very different brains, though try telling some of the their teachers that.

I liked this idea for a visual family tree.

And for these owls


One rainy Sunday afternoon after New Year Lola Button got out her box of crafty things and made this variation.


I also like this site – ETSY – where you can buy beautiful things handmade by others. 

The Sweets Shoppe 

I’m linking to a page of Valentine’s Day presents.