I put this felt doll in Lola Button’s Christmas stocking one year and she chose it from amongst all our decorations to represent her this Advent.  The photograph was taken a few days ago.  It was a wet, miserable day and I felt very fed up.  After work (which went badly), I took Wolf for a walk along a stream-filled valley of sheep fields.  I took a couple of Christmas tree decorations in my pocket hoping that I might find some winter berries to photograph them with.  The spiky black thorns and muddy, slippery paths fitted my mood and were all that I found.  

Elder Daughter had a friend to stay and I couldn’t find any where for her to sleep because the 68 Christmas presents were littered all over the beds in our spare room in an order which meant a great deal to me.  The friend mother’s had sent some chocolates.  I gave them to the girls to eat and they left them on the floor, and Wolf unwrapped them and ate them one by one as I was upstairs trying to find a bed.  He left wrappers and chocolate slivers littered around the carpet as the presents were littered over the bed.  Chocolate is supposed to be poisonous to dogs, Wolf.