In April this year we spent a week in the snow in Finland at Harrinava, a couple of hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle.  For two days of the week my husband and I each had a team of four husky dogs for an overnight trek into the wilderness, while the girls either sat on the sledge of the head dog man or came along with a snowmobile.  We stood up all day behind the dogs as they pulled us to our wooden hut, then we unharnassed the dogs, fed them warm meaty soup in snow holes before we treated ourselves to a wood-fired sauna and a roll in the snow.  Rolling in the snow hurt and I would not recommend it.  The silent wooden sleds over the snow on the frozen lakes and up and down the white mountains was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a brilliant holiday for a family that like the outdoors and doesn’t mind living off reindeer meat, salmon and coffee for a week.