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Through a train window

I forgot to take a camera to Holland, and only had my mobile phone with me.  On the train ride from the port to Amsterdam the very early morning light falling across the flat fields was so beautiful, with the vapour trail in the sky following the same trajectory as the  dyke.  On Sunday evening the autumn sun went down suddenly over the lake in the north of the Netherlands, the light changing from gold to grey to purple in the space of a few minutes. 





 A recent post on a blog written by a British Greek Cypriot about his mother’s Lemon Chicken with Macaroni left my lips smacking.  I decided to recreate this traditional Cypriot dish since Elder Daughter was turning her nose up at the prospect of Squash and Mushroom Coconut Curry for the second time this week.  Elder Daughter is a discerning gourmet when it comes to food and difficult to please.  She declared that she had never tasted anything like the Lemon Chicken and that it was a brilliant idea to cook the macaroni in the delicious chicken stock.  The combination of moist shredded white chicken, lemon, herbs, macaroni and cheese was quite unique. 

This, then,  is by way of a thank you to Demonax for sharing his mother’s recipe, and an apology for even suggesting that his method might be improved on.  Lola B tells me it was very rude of me to comment and that it was none of my business how he chose to prepare the dish.  I did not follow his recipe exactly, but then I never do.  Opportunities for creative acts have to be grabbed when they present themselves and I think cooking is nearly always a creative act that demands that the cook interpret the recipe so that it becomes hers or his.  Sort of like a musician interpreting a piece of music.  Besides, I hate being told what to do. 

I couldn’t find halloumi cheese in the Co-op so had to settle for cheddar which takes something away from its authenticity.