The Celtic Gene

This wonderful article extols the virtues of women with ginger hair, identifying a common pattern of high forehead, small pointed noise, and delicate chin.

By reference to well known redheads, the author demonstrates

a definitive set of identical physical characteristics exist that are clear indicators of Celtic lineage. These traits can be used to identify women of pure Celtic blood, who are the most perfect, beautiful and ethereal women ever created on the face of the earth.In our world, with all of its remarkable diversity, there is an underlying sense of uniformity, or ‘normalness’.
The lineage of the ancient Celts remains, but is represented by a drastically small number of the earth’s population. But this select group of people outshine everything else with the shocking contrast of their flame-like hair (which ranges from dark red to bright orange) and almost bloodless white skin. Their lineage is what makes them so special and unique. It is a sad fact that most people fear or ridicule things that are different or that stand out among all else. This prejudice is responsible for the small number of Celts that we are fortunate to have with us. Society and popular culture have fabricated a picture of the “ideal” and “attractive” female, and Celtic women, with all of their fire-tressed, wraith-like glory, are too often overshadowed by it.”